Nemoto & Co. Ltd., Japan is a leading world manufacturer of inorganic phosphorescent pigments and UV fluorescent pigments with fine particle size and high efficiency. They are considered to be special effect pigments.

Phosphorescent pigments are charged by UV light. They store and re-emit energy in the form of visible light over a period after the removal of the light source. They are not radioactive. They all exhibit initial fluorescent emission followed by an afterglow or phosphorescent emission (or decay). The combination of the fluorescent and phosphorescent emissions gives a photoluminescent result. They may be split into two categories:

  • LumiNova® phosphorescent pigments

  • GSS phosphorescent pigments

UV fluorescent pigments are also mainly charged by UV light but only re-emit energy in the form of visible light in a range of emission colours as a fluorescent emission in milliseconds.

Security pigments include inorganic fine particle size pigments with special characteristics under specific light sources.

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To support new developments Nemoto offer a free technical service to our customers for luminance measurement of products using their phosphorescent pigments according to DIN 67510 or other international standards. As a European manufacturer Nemoto comply with all European requirements for Health & Safety, Materials Handling and Transport regulations including REACh registration where applicable.

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