The general philosophy underlying everything we do in our company is to promote and develop business which supports the transition to a low carbon, sustainable economy.

The recent publicity surrounding plastic in our oceans and the resultant harm to marine life has finally resulted in more attention being given to the footprint of our packaging for goods. This has given a new impetus, particularly by the large supermarkets, to develop and replace non-recyclable plastic packaging.

The ambition set out by the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change is also giving people and companies alike a new urgency to reduce energy consumption.


Our Solutions

Water-based barrier coatings make it possible to replace hard to recycle plastic packaging materials with paper and board coated with the appropriate barrier. These may be hydrophobic for packaging fresh produce, grease resistant for fast food or a water vapour barrier for hot foodstuffs. The result is sustainable packaging and waste reduction.

GSS and LumiNova® phosphorescent pigments absorb UV light and re-emit it to glow in the dark. These pigments may be charged by any form of UV light including daylight and consequently, are not dependent upon an electrical power source to be excited.

Soy polymers are renewable products used to substitute acrylic binders in inks, coatings, water-based paints and adhesives. They have the equivalent binding power to acrylics whilst at the same time being sustainable.

Diallyl Phthalate resins may be used in solvent-free UV ink formulations to enable low energy curing for high-speed printing thus reducing energy consumption and cost.

Our Manufacturers



A world leader in the development of inorganic phosphorescent and UV fluorescent pigments for a wide range of applications.


Schill & Seilacher

A specialist in the development of water-based recyclable barrier coatings for paper and board to replace plastic packaging.


Osaka Soda

A Japanese producer of Diallyl Phthalate resins for use in solvent-free UV ink formulations for low energy cure high speed printing machines.


Nippon Keiko Kagaku

A high-quality producer of daylight fluorescent pigment dispersions with fine particle size and high intensity for marker and gel pen ink formulations.


Thermochromic & Photochromic

We offer a range of high-quality reversible and irreversible thermochromic and photochromic powders, slurries and finished inks.


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