It usually takes an accident or a disaster to lead to the improvement of safety for the general public. Certainly, this has been true for the development of applications based on GSS and LumiNova® phosphorescent pigments which are used to manufacture non-electrical safety signs and safety wayguidance systems. In the workplace Ukaphob non-slip coatings are applied to transit packaging to prevent accidents in the handling of palletised goods.

Following the Scandinavian Star Cruise Ship fire in 1990 the International Maritime Organisation specified photoluminescent escape route markings on passenger ships and ferries. In 2001 many people escaped down smoke-filled stairways after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York (9/11) only because photoluminescent markings had been installed. It has been proven that in the event of a total power failure people may be safely evacuated from tall buildings, passenger ships, aircraft, trains and from road tunnels even in dense smoke conditions by following photoluminescent signage.

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GSS and LumiNova® Phosphorescent Pigments may be screen printed or incorporated into different polymers for safety signs or safety articles such as fireman’s helmets. Many of the regulations and standards which exist today for non-electrical photoluminescent safety markings on main escape routes are as a result of the work of our customers based on the particular properties of our pigments. Through close collaboration with our customers, we can help them to meet the quality requirements of specific regulations. We also ensure that they are one step ahead in new product development as new safety standards demand higher luminance performance.

Non-slip coatings reduce the risk of accidents when handling palletised goods. This may be achieved by simply using interleaving paper or board treated with Ukaphob non-slip coatings. It is now more incumbent on the employer in industry to meet ever-increasing standards to protect its workforce.

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A world leader in the development of inorganic phosphorescent and UV fluorescent pigments for a wide range of applications.


Schill & Seilacher

A specialist in the development of water-based recyclable barrier coatings for paper and board to replace plastic packaging.


Osaka Soda

A Japanese producer of Diallyl Phthalate resins for use in solvent-free UV ink formulations for low energy cure high speed printing machines.


Nippon Keiko Kagaku

A high-quality producer of daylight fluorescent pigment dispersions with fine particle size and high intensity for marker and gel pen ink formulations.


Thermochromic & Photochromic

We offer a range of high-quality reversible and irreversible thermochromic and photochromic powders, slurries and finished inks.


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