The opportunities to develop the market by replacing plastic packaging with barrier coated paper and board are immense. When one considers the use of recyclable sustainable packaging the real cost is much lower than it is when using non-recyclable plastic packaging. Using sustainable packaging meets the public demand for change, the positive marketing value this has and recognises the changing policy landscape.

Apart from packaging, paper and board are still the main substrates used for a wide range of promotional and communication media. Brand owners are constantly looking for ways to make their products and services stand out from their competitors. By using special effect pigments or adding a renewable feature to the paper gives a marketing advantage.

Paper and Board Roll

Our Solutions

Water-based barrier coatings make it possible impart a range of properties once applied to the substrate surface including hydrophobic, grease resistant, mechanical protection, heat seal, non-slip and flame retardancy. This ensures that the packaging delivers the properties required for each customer’s application.

Inorganic UV fluorescent, phosphorescent and security pigments may be applied to paper in ink or by incorporation into the paper coating to be used for security (document and brand protection), machine readable or promotional purposes.

Soy polymer may be used as a renewable substitute for Latex as a binder in paper coating formulations.

Our Manufacturers



A world leader in the development of inorganic phosphorescent and UV fluorescent pigments for a wide range of applications.


Schill & Seilacher

A specialist in the development of water-based recyclable barrier coatings for paper and board to replace plastic packaging.


Osaka Soda

A Japanese producer of Diallyl Phthalate resins for use in solvent-free UV ink formulations for low energy cure high speed printing machines.


Nippon Keiko Kagaku

A high-quality producer of daylight fluorescent pigment dispersions with fine particle size and high intensity for marker and gel pen ink formulations.


Thermochromic & Photochromic

We offer a range of high-quality reversible and irreversible thermochromic and photochromic powders, slurries and finished inks.


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