Although we are living in a digital age there is still a substantial amount of printing and in many cases there is no digital alternative. Therefore, printing with inks on a variety of substrates remains an important and highly effective form of communication.

Inks today have moved a long way from being just simple colours. Now there are a vast array of special effects which may be introduced to the printed substrate through a range of printing processes. In some instances these are to reinforce a brand image. They may also introduce functionality including sustainability or low-energy curing.


Our Solutions

GSS and LumiNova® phosphorescent pigments may be used in inks for promotional packaging and in screen inks for safety marking applications.

UV Fluorescent pigments may be incorporated into inks for product differentiation in low lit environments when excited by black light. They also offer a degree of brand protection.

Security pigments for incorporation into a variety of ink types.

Diallyl Phthalate resins for formulating solvent-free UV inks especially for low energy cure high-speed printing.

Soy Polymers for a renewable alternative to acrylic binders in inks.

Daylight fluorescent pigment dispersions with fine particle size and high intensity for marker and gel pen ink formulations.

Our Manufacturers



A world leader in the development of inorganic phosphorescent and UV fluorescent pigments for a wide range of applications.


Schill & Seilacher

A specialist in the development of water-based recyclable barrier coatings for paper and board to replace plastic packaging.


Osaka Soda

A Japanese producer of Diallyl Phthalate resins for use in solvent-free UV ink formulations for low energy cure high speed printing machines.


Polycoating GmbH

A European supplier of soy polymer who offer a renewable product as a substitute for acrylic binders in inks, coatings, water-based paints and adhesives.


Nippon Keiko Kagaku

A high-quality producer of daylight fluorescent pigment dispersions with fine particle size and high intensity for marker and gel pen ink formulations.


Thermochromic & Photochromic

We offer a range of high-quality reversible and irreversible thermochromic and photochromic powders, slurries and finished inks.

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