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Vibrant LumiNova Pigments
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Established in 1998 we are a specialty chemical marketing company concentrating on the sale and distribution of quality special effect pigments, inks and functional coatings to the paper, ink and plastics industries in Europe.

Central to our activity is our role as the main Distributor in Europe for Nemoto & Co. Ltd. (Japan), the world’s leading manufacturer of inorganic phosphorescent and UV-fluorescent pigments and the inventor of LumiNova®.

LumiNova® Pigment

The LumiNova® series of phosphorescent pigments exhibit high luminance and long afterglow when correctly charged by UV light.  Their development has revolutionised the range of possible applications especially in the area of safety.

We also represent in the UK market, Schill & Seilacher GmbH. for their range of recyclable water-based Barrier Coatings for paper and board and Polycoating GmbH for their SoyCoat 4200 Soy Polymer for industrial applications. 

With the experienced and friendly staff we have earned an excellent reputation and work closely with our customers and suppliers. These strong relationships make successful end product development possible by delivering technical, quality and commercial advantage now and in the future.

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